Study Plan

  • 1. Study and memorize these vocabulary and phrase lists per the schedule designated in the learning instructions.

  • 2. Find a learning partner to practice with. This phase of learning is essential to mastering Efik as well as any other language you aspire to learn. The principle is simple, you must use the language. Otherwise you will never fully grasp it. You may complete this phase via skype or over the phone. Over the phone may be harder (yet attest more to your level of skill provided you make it through) since you will not have the aide of a visual context to supolement your hearing. Whichever method you choose we encourage you to record the conversation. The recording becomes very important in the latter phases of learning and also provide content for other learners to learn. It exposes your weaknesses in the language and allows the learner to feel "the pressure" of correcting their mistakes.

  • 3. Review what you have done. This stage is important because it allows you to hear yourself and put practice corrections to flaws you observe as well as what other speakers will be able to tell you. In doing so concious corrections become sub-concious behaviors and allow the language to sound and feel more natural on your tongue as well as improve your accuracy (and confidence :) ).

  • 4. Try listening to the Bible in efik to test your listening comprehension. Then try again to speak with an actual person. With consistency and application fluidity will come (I pray).