Why Learning Efik?

Welcome to Learningefik.com,

Language is an important part of any culture, whether that language be spoken or unspoken the lexicon that structures our communication and the idioms that form our uniqueness become a staple of who we are and distinguish our identity to the rest of the world. For many first generation africans this piece of culture is one that escapes us. For a many number of reasons we were not privy to this aspect of our culture and ourselves. So not to lament misfortune or beleaguer the issue further, we seek where we may affect change. Introducing, Learningefik.com (don’t google it you’re already here). This site a few purposes which include,

  1. Gathering resources for the Efik language in one place. The internet is vast and there is no reason why such a resource should not exist.
  2. To connect both Efik peoples who do and do not speak Efik and present an opportunity to non-speakers to practice the Efik language with one another.
  3. To provide education about the Efiks and their history.

May you have much success in your learning and may this site help you on your journey to fluency. Be blessed.